Youth policy

The special position of our youth in society is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. Article 32 states that young people are guaranteed the right to the spiritual, moral and physical development.

The most important document in determining the basis of the state youth policy is the Law of the Republic of Belarus "About the basis of the state youth policy", according to which youth are people up to 31 years.

Youth is represented by 90,549 members of our union, or 28.7% of the total number of union members, among them 61,612 – working youth, 28,937 - students.

Belarusian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers is doing a great job in the field of youth policy, the main objective of which is to protect economic, social and labor rights of students and young workers.

Since the beginning of 2010 the level of scholarships for students increased by 40%.

The first job is guaranteed to each graduate of medical educational institutions by the state.

Our trade union pays much attention to the adaptation of young professionals in the workplace. All healthcare organizations hold gala events – “initiation into profession”.

Mentors from the most experienced staff (heads of departments, senior nurses) are assigned for young workers. In many institutions "Schools of young professionals” are functioning.

In organizations the basic guarantees provided by the legislation, local agreements, for young professionals are implemented: additional payment to salaries; ompensation payment for young professionals who came to work in another, not native place.

By consent of young professionals they are proposed contracts for a minimum period of 2 years. Contract workers are individual in nature and endorsed by the trade union committee.

The Union and the government pay much attention to financial support of young professionals.

In accordance with the Decrees of the President and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus:

a monthly extra payment for young professionals with higher medical and pharmaceutical education in the amount of the tariff rate of the first category are introduced;
tariff rates (salaries) for young professionals with higher education included in the data banks of gifted and talented young people, are increased by 50 percent;
tariff rate for young professionals with higher and secondary special education directed to work to a government-financed organization is increased by 10 percent.

These regulations have substantially improved the wages of young professionals.

Our Union pays much attention to the occupational safety. Technical labour inspection of the Union provides practical assistance in prevention of occupational diseases (including blood-borne infections) and injuries.

There is an issue of great importance for the Union - to study the perceptions of the young workers of the reforms in the system of healthcare and the union. So in order to have a feedback the Sociological research "Professional adaptation, motivation to work and social security of a young doctor” was conducted.

In order to attract students and young workers of the health sector to activities of the Union in 2004 the National Youth Council of the Belarusian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers was established.


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