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Belarusian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers is a voluntary, public organization that comprises healthcare workers, students of medical educational institutions and former employees of the industry.

In its work the Union is independent of the state and economic bodies, political parties and movements, and other public organizations, and works in accordance with its Constitution and the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The supreme body of the Union is the Congress which elects the governing bodies for the period between congresses.

The first congress of the Union was on the 5-6th September 1990 (independence of Belarusian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers was declared).

Maintaining its organizational, financial and economic independence, our Union is an affiliate and a founder of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus.

The Union has focused its work on:

  •  improvement of work organization and payment, increasing of living standards of healthcare workers;
  •  interaction with public authorities and administrations, associations in solving social and economic problems;
  •  improving the efficiency of public control in the sphere of social and labor relations, realization of human rights to health and safe working conditions, promoting full and productive employment;
  •  implementation of a focused and coherent youth policy;
  • development and improvement of the healthcare system;
  • development of international cooperation.

By number of workers Belarusian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers is the third in the country among the trade unions and comprises 332 955 
union members from 887 primary trade union organizations. Coverage of union membership among workers in the healthcare sector of Belarus is 96,7%.

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